Only 10 Days Til Christmas!

December 15, 2013

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Thanks for helping the kids at St. Jude!
Your gift insures that no family is ever
turned away because of finances.

Just press PLAY to hear memories of Christmas Through A Child’s Eyes!


Kids: “We Whish You A Merry Christmas”!
Rick: Do you know where Santa gets his toys from?
Kid1: The North Pole?
Where in the North Pole???
Kid: Where it’s snowey!
Kid2: uh he makes it in his toy shop
Kid3: from his tool shop.
Kid4: K-Mart!
Kids: laughter
Kid5: Children’s Palace
Rick: And where does he get the money?
Kid5: At the bank
Kid6: uuhh his elves make it

Jingle: Memories of Christmas
Lil Abe: Merry Christmas Everybody
Jingle: Christmas Through A Child’s Eyes

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Merry Christmas!

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